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10443 37th drive
corona,ny 11368


We at Quico Blanco felt a change was needed to the iconic guayabera shirt...and so we tweaked it, by nourishing it with hand detailing..., like hand dyeing and hand riveting. Refresh yourself with one.

All shirts have been special washed with sea salt, an ingredient needed for the look.

All shirts fade... But ours fade to a vintage, broken in look.

Home of the iconic shirt with a twist




  QUICO BLANCO opened in 2012, selling a unique collection of bespoke pieces. As a New York city online store. We incorporated the culture and style of the city, into our mix, and attitude. Over the past years, we have expanded to hand dyeing and copper riveting all of the guayabera give them a more distinct look than the rest! We also take pride in using true indigo dye in our collection, Considered to be the best natural blue dye on earth...  The indigo dye is vibrant under the sun, and elegant at night.

       PS: Using this natural dye also helps farmers of the INDIGOFERA plant employed.